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Another week down, another comic up. No real news to report at the moment and any minute now my buffalo chicken should be ready to eat (love that spicy sauce). Take care and I’ll be back in another week!

Okay, done with the chicken and I just thought of something else. On a somewhat serious note, I got pitched an offer this week to get involved in a “network marketing” business opportunity. For those who don’t know, “network marketing” is basically a semi-legal version of a pyramid scheme. I’ll let you google up more detail if you want it but the bottom line is that if someone tries to hook you up with this you should run away very fast. I’m no lover of the corporate world (obviously) and it would be great if I could live independently but “network marketing” is not the way to go. The really sad part? Twice now I have been hit up for this by people I actually like and I don’t think either of them realize what they’ve gotten into. I’ve tried to talk about it but…well, sometimes people just WANT to believe, you know?

Anyway, enough of that. Stay safe everyone, I want to see you back here next week!!