Halloween filler

Okay, for starters, just a quick heads up. Updates may be a bit spotty for awhile as I have a few things needing to be handled plus I would like to find some time to work on some side projects for a little while. Hopefully this will result in something very cool for YOU but it’s too early to discuss yet. Anyway, sorry for the filler but that’s where I’m at right now.

I can’t recall if I’ve discussed this previously but when I first started doodling Kung Fu Meghan I drew a series of really short little goof stories, photocopied them and stapled them together with a little cover. The very first few were pretty crummy so I started to re-draw them. I did three (plus some extra material) but when I got to four I had the idea to do this properly as one continuous story and put it on the web. This week’s post is the last work I did before the reboot so it gives a little glimpse into what the past looked like. Honestly, I remember this piece really sucking but now that I look at it it’s not half bad. Anyway, hope you dig!

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