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And that’s it. Two years in the making, chapter 5 finally rolls to the finish. I cannot begin to express how relieved I am to see the end of this one :) Now that I have you spoiled for daily updates I’ll be taking another break although I anticipate it will be a (relatively) brief one. I’m already tinkering with chapter 6 and it’s going to be a short chapter so we’ll see. Thank you for reading and being here the last two roller coaster weeks. Stay safe and I’ll see you soon.


Ch5 p42

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Face first splashdown. Let the record show that Delta-v called it :)

Waaay back on Page 24 I speculated that it was the grossest thing I would ever draw. Nope, definitely topped it :)

Last page drops tomorrow. May be a few hours delay in getting it posted due to some real life obligations but if will be up for sure tomorrow at some point.


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Back again for the final week in Chapter 5!

I realized over the weekend that Friday’s update was 100 pages of Kung Fu Meghan. I don’t consider this to be particularly important (I’m more interested in this coming Friday when I can finally put this chapter to bed) and indeed, since I posted several “filler” pieces, I had already crossed the 100 updates mark. Nevertheless, nice round numbers can be satisfying in their own silly way even if it did take me a ridiculous amount of time to get there.



Ch5 p39


Hey Bakkaro, have a nice trip (snort, yes I’m 10 years old:) ) And that’s a wrap for this rollercoaster week here at Kung Fu Meghan. We have a long weekend here in the US so next update will be Tuesday (late Monday most likely). Only four more pages left in this chapter so stay safe and I will see you next…uh, never mind, I’ll be back next week. On Tuesday. Snort.


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Another day, another update! Woo hoo! I think I’ve mentioned it before but Jose is probably my favorite character in the comic (after Meghan of course) so it feels great to finally get him back in the story. I’ve had this page planned for over two years (!) and it feels really good to get it out there. Special shout out to my friend Heidy for providing the translations!

Two more updates this week, hope you’ve been enjoying them. Stay safe and I’ll have a new page up tomorrow.


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Hello again, been quite awhile. You may not remember the last time Meghan had to pretend she didn’t hear about the jellied eels so here’s the link. KFM updates every day this week so be here tomorrow, same bat-time, er, same Meghan-time, same Meghan-channel.