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Back again for another update and our first solid hint as to what the Ronin Glen has been hiding (as if the name “Ronin Glen” wasn’t enough of a clue).

The big news this week is I finally have my Twitter account up and running. I’ve added it to the contact page or if it’s too much of a struggle to click over there you can link here @roninglen.

I personally prefer to read my webcomics in big chunks so even comics that update daily are rarely visited by me more than once a week. Since my comic is only updating weekly for now, I would definitely suggest anyone with a Twitter account sign up to follow me. I won’t be posting a lot of material or even posting every single update but I WILL make certain I send notice whenever a new episode starts so you can go back and read the last one in one sitting. Or not. It’s copacetic either way.

I’m also thinking I might shift the comics layout over to the left and include a sidebar with links to some of my favorite comics and one of them fancy-schmancy Twitter follow buttons. Any thoughts on the subject? Stay safe everyone and I’ll be back next week with the last page of episode one.

  • Christopher J Ochs

    No way they let you keep a sword at work. Like, nine different judges have made that clear to me.