Ch05 p11

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Been awhile since we last heard about the icy hand of death but it may give a clue as to what the next page is going to look like 😉

Received an unexpected and thoroughly delightful review of Kung Fu Meghan over at another martial arts oriented comic You can read the review here. Then, as if that wasn’t already an amazing treat, they went and added me to a list of the best martial arts webcomics on the net. You can read that one here.

I’m so flattered to have received such a kindness I don’t even know what to say. I hope everyone who reads this will take the time to not only read the reviews but poke around the rest of the site. There is plenty to see, lots of comics to read and even a short indy kung fu movie with some surprisingly high quality action choreography. If you like what you see and can spare a few bucks be sure to pick up a copy of the Shaolin Punks graphic novel that just got released. Nothing makes an artist happier than seeing people purchase and enjoy the work they labored so hard over.

Until next time, stay safe everyone.