Ch5 p07


Sorry for the missed update, this page turned into a nightmare to complete. Sadly, I’m not sure it was worth the wait but what are you gonna do? At least it’s done with. Fortunately, the next page was part of a previous draft of this chapter and is already finished so regular updates will resume on Monday. See you then!

  • Christopher J Ochs

    Wow! I love this splash page… Just fantastic. I like it when you do more elaborate drawings like this one, man.

    • RoninGlen

      Thanks! It’s fun but time consuming! I was pretty proud of myself for slipping the Goya painting into it :)

      • Toxic Delirium

        Ha! Nice! I would have missed it if you hadn’t said anything.

      • Michael Lashinsky

        Your art work reminds me of R. Crumb a little.

        • RoninGlen

          Thanks! I dig Crumb a lot.

  • Rateus

    It’s a nightmare full-stop, I feel like Hieronymous Bosch did a guest week.