Ch3 p08

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Some of my favorite bits to write are the little scenes where Meghan and Glen are just annoying the heck out of each other.

Over at The Webcomic List website I see I am currently ranked at #24. I don’t place much faith in those types of numbers (although it was gratifying to be at #1 briefly. Woo!) but even so it seems like readership is growing. Far cooler than site numbers though is seeing when users of the list add Kung Fu Meghan to their favorites. If you are one of those–or a reader, period– let me say THANK YOU!!. You’re the reason I get up in the morning.

Again, just a quick reminder that comments are active now on the site, just click the black box. Feel free to email me as well, I love to hear from readers. Stay safe and I’ll be back next week!