Ch2 pg 19

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Poor Meghan. The homicidal maniac doesn’t take her seriously. Haven’t we all been there?

Re-doing all the old pages is proceeding much slower than I would like but scans are all finished and Chapter One is now done. The bad part is that between the day job and all the duplicate labor I am waaaay behind on new pages. I’m well into chapter three but I’m thinking I may take a couple of weeks off at the end of Chapter two to catch up a little. I still intend to have weekly posts but they may be more random art pages or single panel gags or something just to fill the space. I don’t expect this to be a problem as readership remains mostly non-existent but in case anyone does read this…now you know.

Random note: I got my cat a mouse toy with “realistic squeaking” sound effects today and she nearly had a kitty meltdown. None of her other toys make a noise and she had the hardest time wrapping her brain around it. It was both hilarious and slightly cruel.

‘Til next week!