Ch2 pg 15

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And so the deadliest Kung Fu style is revealed! At least, according to Mu Fanchu. The reader will be forgiven for harboring some skepticism on this point.

Comic is up late as I was busy wrestling with my crippling self-doubt. After getting my new monitor last week I was somewhat horrified to discover that what looked great on my crusty old CRT is shocking awful on a modern LED screen. I’d had a problem from the start finding the best way to prep my images so they looked good on the web and none of the book instructions I’d seen really worked. Now I find out my “solution” wasn’t a solution and I need to redo all of my pages.

It’s been a grim week.

At any rate, for anyone who has been enduring the garbage I post every week I thank you (yes, both of you). The site should look much better going forward. Stay safe and I’ll see you next week.