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The dialogue on this page took forever to write but I’m pretty happy with the results.

I was hoping to have all the Facebook stuff added this week but apparently the official wordpress plugin is nowhere near as simple as the one for Twitter. It seems I can get the buttons added but if I actually want them to link to anything I have to “upgrade” my account to a “developer” account and then…something or other, I still haven’t figured it out. If I were an IT specialist working for a major corporation this would probably be no big deal but the main reason people like me use the WP platform is because we AREN’T developers and can’t afford to hire one. You might think that would have been taken into consideration when FB was creating their OFFICIAL wordpress plugin. I mean, this isn’t something that some random dude put together and then floated it to the net.

Okay, enough griping for today. Stay safe and I’ll be back next week with another exciting complaint session webcomic page!