Ch5 p21-22

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You remember the jellied eels right? Phil brought them for food day and that was what was flying through the air in the last panel of page 20. Apparently the staff would rather cannibalize the security guards than eat a jellied eel so there were plenty left over. Not sure I blame them. I mean, I love me some unagi rolls but gelatin grosses me out.

These pages took a little longer than I had hoped but I still managed to get two done in less than two weeks so that is progress I think. Also made a couple very subtle changes to how I approach the art that I’m quite pleased with.

I did another guest comic which allegedly goes live sometime next week so keep an eye on twitter for that (I’ll post a link once I have one). Stay safe and I will see you soon!

Ch05 p20

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Seems like quality control has declined since the days when the Ronin Glen had his endorsement deals.


Sorry for the delay in getting this page up.  Every so often a page just doesn’t want to happen. It’s not any more complicated or technically demanding, it just doesn’t want to come out. The good news is the next page is already almost done and the next update is going to be TWO pages at once so keep your eyes peeled. The train is still rolling just sometimes slower than I’d like 🙂


Random news: Tomorrow is International Woman’s Day and the second anniversary of Kung Fu Meghan (and Daylight Savings here in the US). Enjoy your weekend.

Ch5 p19

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Got a sweet piece of fan art this weekend from Emily over at Blitz Phoenix. I’m going to host this one over at Facebook for the time being so check it out here. Also remember to stop by her site and do a little reading. It’s one of my favorite webcomics and the latest developments are getting really interesting so please give it a look! You might find a new favorite for yourself!

Ch05 p13

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Well, he doesn’t have a beard or a red outfit but this is as close to Santa as we’re going to get at Kung Fu Meghan.  A little holiday gift for the beefcake loving ladies 🙂

Anyway, I’m currently hacking my lungs up so this will be brief. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!