Hiatus 01

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Here’s a quick update for the hiatus: Currently 12 pages done out of 18 for Chapter 3 so hiatus will likely last three weeks. I still plan to update every week though.

The above image is from a long time ago and is the 2nd drawing I did related to KungFu Meghan (the first was Meghan). I had drawn a picture of a Sister Streetfighter-type girl swinging a pair of nunchuks and it was posted in my cube at work. A supervisor in the area commented that she was “swingin’ them woodchucks” and, well, that was too funny to pass up. The drawing was done quickly (and badly) with ballpoint pen on copy paper so I had to bust out the magic wand in Photoshop to get a workable file but for the two people who might be interested it’s a little peek into the beginnings of Kung Fu Meghan.